Landscape Architecture and Design

Parker Garden provides comprehensive landscape design services for properties of all shapes and sizes. Each unique design focuses on achieving harmony with both the surrounding natural landscape and the requirements of the land. Our designs feature hardscaping and planting solutions tailored to your taste and reflecting your lifestyle, for visually enticing outdoor spaces that achieve an enduring sense of place, and require minimal care.

  • We are well versed in the wetlands/shorelands permitting process. 



Construction and Installation

Once the design process is complete, it’s time for our expert installation crews to do their magic.  From planting and pruning trees, shrubs and perennials, to artfully crafting border walls and walkways, our skilled crews use only the most current, environmentally responsible landscaping and stonework techniques. Their thoughtful approach and attention to detail bring the design to life and ensure your landscape will stand the test of time.


on-site property Consultations

Unsure about your landscaping goals? Concerned about certain features of your property? A Parker Garden landscape consultation is the ideal opportunity to gain a working knowledge of the landscape process, as well as insight into your specific property issues. Bill Parker personally handles all landscape consultations, meeting with you on-site at your property to discuss its potential. As needed, Bill will address important site concerns such as drainage, grading, spatial layout, etc. (There is a nominal fee for this service.)

Landscape Enhancements

Like all living things, your landscape may need additional attention as it matures. As it blooms, blossoms or faces weather adversity, we will ensure that it retains a shape and character that is pleasing to your eye and healthy for your property. Our landscape enhancements services include:

  • perennial garden installation and restoration
  • tree and shrub installation
  • structural pruning
  • hardscape installation, repair and restoration
  • edging and planting bed modifications
  • turf renovations and conversions
  • drought tolerant/native plant material design and installation
  • landscape demolition
  • mulching of beds
  • erosion control
  • seasonal flower design and planting
  • landscape site assessments
  • site upgrades


Maintenance/Fine Gardening

Landscape maintenance requires skill and knowledge along with a firm understanding of plant and soil needs. Parker Garden offers seasonal garden maintenance services to ensure your landscape performs to its fullest potential. Soil improvements such as fertilization, mulching and organic compost installation, as well as sub-dividing of perennials, deadheading, weeding and structural pruning, are some of the essential gardening services we provide to our clients.


Our certified, professional lighting design and installation team can transform your landscape into an enchanting and captivating display of silhouettes, shapes and shadows. Illuminating your landscape creates a wonderful opportunity to enjoy your outdoor spaces even after the sun goes down. Outdoor lighting also provides safety and security for your property.

Hart Lighting.jpg


Landscape and wetland restoration is defined as a planned process that aims to regain ecological integrity and enhance human well-being in deforested or degraded forest landscapes. At Parker Garden, we are experts in this field and are available to discuss the details and challenges associated with your property.

Our restoration and environmental construction services include:

  • erosion control and soil stabilization
  • shoreline protection
  • storm water management
  • retaining walls
  • edging and planting bed modifications
 Skunk cabbage, Symplocarpus foetidus, in a forested wetland in Epping, New Hampshire.